About WeHaveAppsForThat

We started by building TTScanner to fill a void of quick image scanning of insurance cards to a suite of solutions to compliment Medisoft for offices looking for a SOLUTION to practice management rather than struggling with the status quo.  The first face a new patient sees is the front desk person.  The front desk help is usually the lowest paid and highest stress in the office and this is what greets a doctor's patients whom they expect prompt payment and timely kept appointments.  It is no wonder that practices have issues in the back side of the house, because it ALL STARTS IN THE FRONT.

By reducing the workload and streamlining the front desk, the collections are lower and patient compliance is greater.  So we have developed applications to increase productivity from the bottleneck, the weakest link....the front desk.  After tweaking TTScanner to allow for fast and easy storage of data, we quickly went to work on Medisignin, a device that will GREATLY reduce the stress on the front desk and get accurate patient information and thus reduce aging of collections.  Medicheckin was designed as an alternative to Phreesia as they were simply not cooperating with  VARs to allow us to sell to any doctor, rather just specialties they were marketing for.  The concept of a patient portal is not unique to us but having a direct interface to Medisoft is.

Finally, iOfficeHours was designed for the practitioner who wants to know their schedule wherever they are.  But, consideration was there for the solo provider such as a mental health professional who wears all the hats and needs to make appointments where ever they are.  If there is a void that we can fill to make a practice more productive, count on us to fill it.  We have a few other projects in the works to help with EDI, but that is all we can say for now.  We welcome any and all feedback.